I do not wish to profit from my photography; I am into this hobby simply because I enjoy taking pictures. (I learned long ago that photography quickly loses its "fun factor" once it becomes a "job") I am sometimes approached by those who wish to acquire my work. If I am able, I will grant such a request, asking only that my costs for printing/postage are covered. As I am mostly bedridden, and because all of my printing is done in the USA, it can take quite some time to arrange to get prints to you, so I ask for your patience and understanding.

Sometimes, health permitting, I may take a custom photographic request. Contact me at (or fill out the message form on the "Contact" page) with your idea, and I will reply at my earliest convenience. The price will be dependent upon travel distance and time involved, and again I must stress that I am not looking to profit from my photography; simply to have my costs covered.

Print dimensions are:

8" X 12" enlargement in fine pearl (matte) finish

10" X 24" (approx.) panorama in fine pearl (matte) finish

The prints are created at a very high standard to ensure you are receiving not just a photograph, but a piece of art in which you have found a personal connection. My images are printed on archival-grade Kodak paper, using the latest technologies available, to produce remarkably vivid and accurate colours and contrasts.

All photographs, text and design on this website are the property of "Focus On Newfoundland", and thus protected by Canadian and International copyright laws. These images are not to be saved or reproduced in any way without written consent. By having entered this site you have agreed to be bound by these terms.